Thank you for reaching out to MJM SOLAR SOLUTIONS.

To help us serve you better, could you provide us some details on your house and energy consumption?

please include:

 1.    Age,   Heating source,   Hot water source,   (appliances electric or gas range and dryer),   monthly electric bills (monthly break downs are preferred to estimate seasonal demand increases. Pictures of bills are fine),

and number of occupants, and  location.

2.  What are your goals for energy usage? What percent would you like to drop the bill by?

3.  Roof or ground mounted?

4. What is the roof material?     What is the pitch?     Direction,  East to West   or    Degrees 90-270

5. Type of building? Single Detached, Duplex, Appartment?

6. What type are system are you looking for?  Grid-tied without battery back-up, Grid-tied with battery back-up, or Off-grid?

7. What is your budget for the project?

Once we have the information requested, we will help you decide how and where to make your house efficient, reducing the cost of the system needed to power your home!

Thank You.
Be A Power House!